Getting Fruity Around Here!

I adore seeing fruit trees and vines and such leafing out, blossoming and getting the goodies growing! Here are some of the favorites I have; I already have picked a bowlful of the strawberries! I also have grapes, peaches and such, but these were the easiest to photograph.

Here are what they produce: Across the top are apples (I have five different kinds) and blackberries, the biggie below is blueberries and the stacked ones to the right are raspberries and strawberries. Come on cobblers, bread additions, muffins and lots of other ethereal edibles!

A Lone Creative in a Cabin?

I live in a forest cabin with no neighbors, no visitors, no family. Gee whiz! I gotta do something to keep relatively sane! So I use what I have to make things when the needed work is done. I buy the cloth to make all my skirts, dresses, jackets, even stuff animals. What about all the stuffed animals I’ve collected over the years? Why not!


I had a huge homemade snowman on the living room table until Spring came along, then wanted a warm-weather display. TaaDAA! BTW, the white bear with the eyepatch has it as he lost a beady eye. I could have replaced it, but the piratish look looks good next to the aviator.

I do have my Old Lady Who bookstore in the garage that I sell on the Abe Books site so need to head to the Post Office every week, but unless I’m working outside or on the cabin I have a strong desire for creating something. I write sci-fi and other books, sew, paint on canvas, make yoghurt and bread and more, design jewelry, bake with all the fruit I grow, and anything else I can imagine.

More stuff next time! Have a wonderful Spring!

Pretty Yellow Angels

The yellow daffodils that I saw here and there a couple decades ago when I built this place have spread like wildfire! They’re along the ditches, up the roadsides, all through the forest, along people’s driveways and more!

This makes me imagine how the first Dutch settlers came here with just a meager collection of these. They put them in front of their homey little cabin. Then it rained and washed some away. Then on and on. Wow!

I also have an update on the Mouse Maven…here is the embellished version:

A Jar of This, A Pack of That!

I adore making things as many of you already know. Today as the mighty Christmas holiday is so near, I thought I’d show some of what I have accumulated to cook with. Why not?

You think this is a bunch, you should see the big ol’ pantry! And the 20-pound capacity flour bins with white, whole wheat and cake flours!

A Nutsy Cartoon

This is just a silly cartoon that occurred to me, thought I’d share it. I also did a painting yesterday that might be a bit more appealing!

The idea here was to give the little snowman a wide-open way ahead, a future bright and clear. That’s why there’s only the one tree in the corner. BTW, it’s 16×12 canvas, and the picture didn’t come out as clear and frosty as it should have, alas! I used titanium white for the fella and iridescent white for the snow which makes Frosty show up better and the hillside whiter than the photo reveals.

I did another earlier that is about a group of Frosties singing. I’ll get that picture up soon; I wrapped it to send to my sister as a Christmas present and wouldn’t want to give too much away!

Porch Chimes Ho!

I went nuts over porch chimes for a few years, so even though that ended a while back I yet have plenty. Some don’t really chatter, they glitter or twirl. Here they are!