Hornets, Yikes!

Living out in a Kentucky forest in a log cabin is idyllic and close to Mother Nature. I hear a wide variety of birds, see skinks and lizards scampering across the front porch, watch for deer and ‘possums every time I drive to and from the Post Office or Grocery.

Alas, Mama Nature also features the ferocious HORNETS that can cause grievous hurt and even kill when they gang up. Were they out in the woods I would not bother them. They built a nest right above the back garage door to the outside. And they get into the garage.

Ferocious Indeed!

I use the garage to store the thousands of books I sell in the Old Lady Who? online ABE Books bookstore, I have the clothes racks and shelves for more items to sell since I got fired last Christmas; gotta pay insurance, taxes, internet, electricity and oh, food bills. I sit at the desk in there for hours at a time to put more books into inventory and suddenly hear that dreadful deep buzzing – another one got in. Stop everything!

Last night I decided to watch a DVD (Hidalgo) and lounged on the sofa. About when they were on the ship to the Middle East, I felt suddenly uneasy and leaned forward to look back. A hornet was two inches from climbing into my hair. I generally do all I can to save wildlife, but these guys have GOT TO GO!!!

In the Living Room!

Music That Gets Me Hopping’!

Music That Gets Me Hoppin’!

I thought I might share some of the tunes that motivate me and keep me moving. It’s an esoteric selection; maybe you’d like to try some them?

Alan Parsons Project

The Alan Parsons Project was one of my early favorites. I listened to them so much I knew them by heart. In fact, when I went into the US Navy and got to my ship the USS Dixon for a Pacific cruise, I went up on deck at night sometimes and quietly sang the entire albums as I looked at the strange constellations and the glowing jelly fish.

The Carter Family

The Carter Family was one of Mama’s all-time favorites and I have a copy of every album they ever made. Their harmonies and musical style influence generations of musicians and song writers. I always remember dear ol’ Ma laughing with my little sisters cavorting in the living room whenever I play the Carters!

Moody Blues

The Moody Blues have lots of album out and I’ve seen them in person, too. What storytellers! Each album has its own mood and theme, so it’s fun to choose between them! These fellows have excellent musical talents but also sing very emotive lyrics that have always touched my heart. These guys bring me up when I’m feeling low.

Oingo Boingo!

Oingo Boing amazed me when I moved to San Diego California with the USN. Their music took my mind off my personal turmoil and worries and grabbed my mind away for a while. Nothing sugary or poignant here, it’s hard driving and when dancing/exercising to it I get a real workout!

Mike Oldfield

My forever favorite, the one I have gone to when torn since my pre-teens after I heard my older brother play Tubular Bells. I have all his albums and treasure each one. Of all of these, I’d recommend you try some of this genius’s music. He plays nearly all of the instrumentation himself and creates the most unique, lively and thoughtful albums with the most intriguing themes. A penultimate musician, his guitar virtuosity is amazing. I think I’ll go down and put Ommadawn on right now!