About Time to Use It!

Verse One

The cabin is rather large; I designed it to have enough room for all I needed until I go up yonder. Thus, the room over the built-in 2 car garage is the Art Room and Library. I have been reading since I learned to walk but did not begin acrylic floorcloth painting until I got here and read an art book on that very subject. I ordered a roll of sturdy canvas and went to it! These pictures are of the first floorcloth I ever made.

Verse Two

The color in the print area isn’t as white as it once was, the floorcloth was rolled up and stashed in a corner for far too long.

Verse Three

Here’s the whole thing. I finally decided to actually use it and now it is a prominent part of the living room!

The Whole Thing! Very large and very dear to me.

Treasure Earth!

Scroll and Burn?

My ever most favorite power tool of my beloved scroll saw, a really nice one from Germany that I got decades ago. The cabin was new and the place needed a place to hang your coat:

Hanger at the front door

The experiment worked out, so next I tried making a…

Toilet Paper Holder!

Then I wanted something more fantastic, something for fun. Imagine this fella in the sky! I have it hung high up on the wall in the art room.

The Mighty Dragon!

Then I got me a wood burner pen, oh boy!

Dear Ol’ Shaggy!
A “Switch” to flowers!

I did lots with that dear scroll saw and the pen with its neat attachments. What fun! I set it all aside when life interrupted. Now, so many years later, I have some interesting ideas for that set-up…. let’s dust it off and see if it still works, eh?