What Happened to Autumn?

From this:

Stemmery QC 024

To this:


This is surely the shortest fall I’ve ever had…except for the time I stumbled while going down the cabin stairs and fell back on my rear!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and stay safe on the icy roads!

Ice CreamTo what do my wondering eyes appear? 3/4 of a carton of leftover potluck rocky road? Oh my, whatever shall I do with it? As mentioned last week – hide the bathroom scales for a month few months!

Move Along, No Turkeys Here!


I saw a turkeySing sing swawk swawk

Just over the hilltop

In that bright land where

He’ll never grow old

Up there’s a city

Where candles will shine

On a table with turkey

On which people will Narrow Attack Chickendine!

Just CHICKENS here, move along, that’s right, nothing to see here…