The Best Job for Mr. Jansen!

“Ma’am, why did you insist I come in so late?” He sat before her window, barely opening his mouth, hands in his lap.

The clerk looked over to him and pulled her professional smile to the right side of her face. “To tell you that you are approved for an interview and to get you application corrected. As for the lateness, we’re getting lots of applications and have to put in overtime; you’re the last one tonight.” As she returned her gaze to her screen, she added, “I would suggest you get a haircut and shave before Tuesday!”

He tried to grin a bit. ““Ma’am, I did fill out the form correctly, and I will be clean shaven and well dressed for Tuesday. Forgive the way I look now; this was just not a good time for me to be here.” He stifled a growl.

She found his form and perused it. “Mr. Wolf, sorry, Mr. Jansen, anyway, you stated your first name was Were? Are you foreign?”

He almost put his clawed hand on his forehead in distress. He slapped it back to his lap and said, “Uh, no, my name is Thomas. It should be Thomas Jansen; you were right after all.” He unconsciously peered deeply into her eyes and licked his lips.

The Tuesday morning interview went quite well. Tom, dressed like a professional, shook the Director’s hand as he was told he got one of the Forest Ranger jobs and that training would begin the coming Monday. A Forest Ranger! Nature! The beautiful wildflowers and waterfalls! The tasty hikers!

I’m the Ghost with the Most!

Avo entered the huge gathering and surveyed those present. ‘Hmmm’, he thought, ‘they need some agitation!’

He whirred up above the crowd and shouted, he bragged and flouted, “I am the ghost with the most!”

He followed with describing his various haunts, his many jaunts; he was the best, no jest!

The host of the meeting zoomed up, furious! “Why do you claim such fame; we’re all curious! Come on spook!” In a lower voice he belted out, “You stupid kook! Tell us the reasons for touting to be Sir Supreme for all the seasons.”

Avo took the form of a gaunt old ancient fellow in a flowing white toga. “I am a ghost from the Elder Days, I’ve learned all the languages and all the ways.” He peered into the avidly listening crowd. “I’ve haunted ships and gamblers’ chips, I’m the most knowing and the best at showing my outlines in hallways and as a child in public walkways.” He paused a few seconds before adding, “I’ve aided magicians with alchemy and helped students in more than one academy.”

He started flowing around the large room, his toga longer and then got more serious. “I’ve brought true loves together, I’ve warned ones at risk of vicious weather, I’ve prodded little children to better obey and I’ve taught teens not to be frivolous and stray.” He drifted to a tall cabinet and sat up straight. “I’ve urged drillers to think about solar lighting and spent time with the intolerant to stop their incessant fighting. Sometimes I wear a toga, sometimes a jacket and hood; whatever it takes to enlighten the baddies to do good!”

The host ghost looked cowed. He said, “Yes, you are the best.” Then he bowed.

The group below gathered up and screamed, “You’re the best we’ve ever dreamed!”

Avo smiled. He had much to teach those wafting ghouls, they couldn’t all be fools! Perhaps some could be useful tools?

Bobo, the Hobo Spook

I’m Bobo and I want to belong SOMEWHERE! I go from here to there and on to everywhere to find somewhere to rest. All I find is people who can’t see me or get afraid or even mad. Depressing that nobody will give me a chance.

I thought about it for a long time and finally got brave enough to slip into a school. The kids laughed, poked pencils through me and sang out, “Pukey Spooky” and “See-through Boohoo” until I had to speed away. So much for thinking those about my age would accept me.

My habit for years since I lost my family has been to pick out a car or truck in a parking lot, driveway or even going down the road and slip into the back. I like somebody taking me somewhere more than wafting around by myself. I’d gotten bored with going driveway to a parking lot and back. No fun. So, I tried to pick out a different style vehicle.

“There!” I liked this stretched out, shiny car and without a thought popped right into the back. I swirled around the big, long box in the back. It had handles and seemed fancier than the cardboard boxes I’d travelled with before. I was tempted to stick my head inside and see what it contained, but the car pulled into a strange place with lots of stones with writing on them. That grabbed my attention alright!

They stopped and opened up the back door. They took the box out and I followed with lots of curiosity. There were many people that watched the box get put into a deep hole!”

“I haven’t seen you here before, child.”

The spook stood next to me and being startled, I zipped up into a tree.

“Come on down, I won’t hurt you. I’m Dargano and I can help you.”

Bobo flitted down beside Dargano. “You’re just a spook like me. Can you help me find a place to belong?”

Dargano smiled. “We are spirits, sometimes called ghosts. Spook is a mean thing to call us. And yes, I know how to get you back into a loving family.”

“Really? How, please, tell me how!” I felt more thrilled than I could ever remember.

Dargano led me into a nearby building. I thought it was a school at first and cringed up close to my new friend.

“This is a church. The thing you need to do is call on an angel. Ask the angel to place you into a new family because you were such a small child when you died. I believe she’ll do that for you since I feel you are a nice and gentle spirit.

Bobo went to the ‘altar’ and asked for an angel. One came soon.

“I am Gisella, your Guardian Angel. I am the one who led you to the hearse to come here; Dargano works with us to locate the lost ones like you.” She grasped his hand.

Bobo turned and grinned at Dargano who waved back. “Thanks friend!” Then he went away with his angel.

Which Witch Can Cure My Itch?

Aldor pondered his mental itch with worry; he needed it scratched in a great hurry. “I want to do sly conjuring like any other warlock. But my brain feels like a store completely out of stock. I need a witch to assist with some spelling issues; right now, they’re giving me the bluest of blues!”

He assembled his crew and ordered each to find an appropriate witch or two. Soon they came back with witches by the pack. He had his Aide go sort them to find the best specimen.

“Let’s begin! Bring her in!” His smile bent to a frown as he thrust his fist out thumb down. “Blonde curls and a floral skirt that whirls?” Where’d they get these girls?

“Next and make it better!” What he saw was a girl in a pink sweater. “Ugh! Pitch that witch!” He sat back in his chair after smoothing his hair. “Bring another one on! If she’s not right, I’m gone!” They’d resent it, but he meant it!

He bent down to peer, whispering, “What have we here?” He stood tall with fists on hips. “Look, she’s doped or asleep!” He stared at his Aide, “Your errors are getting steep! Twitch that witch and go!”

He considered leaving all this, all this ‘no hits and miss, miss, miss’. He began to rise, then she caught his eyes. “Oh wait! That one!” Ahhh, her pointy hat, her stout wand, her black cat! “Come hither, darling,” he coaxed while admiring her black dress and cloak that shined like a starling. She strode close to him with a mystical look. She stopped at his feet and reached into her robe to pull out: The Scariest ABC Spelling Book. She laid it on his lap and raised her hand with a finger snap. She stated, “Aldor, it’s up to you to read it and also to heed it. I’m finished!” She waved her wand and poof, she vanished!