It’s my first time in Sweden and it’s not so scary as I’d imagined. Being on my own when done with work and not knowing a smidgen of Swedish had me worried, but the folks here in Gothenburg are friendly and helpful even if they don’t know much English. Thing is, most of them get English in school and do a great job. What is it with the adoration of fresh sliced cucumbers? Goodness they can eat them by the stack. Better for you than orange dusted corn triangles, though.

Oh, the coffee! Wonder in a cup with a little milk. Lingonberries, yes! I had a cloudberry almond parfait tonight – yum. Dinner was a Mariestadt beer with grilled wild boar and a dozen sides to choose from. The Falcon Ale with the steak and fries at the Irish pub last night was tasty as well.

April is still cool and the sun is making a reasonable appearance except for a couple days of rain. The rain doesn’t phaze the populous, they walk a great deal and lots of stuff is convenient to walk to. The public tram and bus service is great too. Gothenburg is very south but they still have mooses. Yes, real mooses.

The oddest thing was the habit of a few of the citizen I’ve met to speak with an element of surprise. What I mean is, he or she will say something like, “I told her (sharp intake of breath) she shouldn’t, but…”. It’s like Hah! except it’s breathed inward; I hadn’t heard such before.

Great place, another week to go! Some of this will have to go into my next book. Maybe pictures next time. Later!