Bobo, the Hobo Spook

I’m Bobo and I want to belong SOMEWHERE! I go from here to there and on to everywhere to find somewhere to rest. All I find is people who can’t see me or get afraid or even mad. Depressing that nobody will give me a chance.

I thought about it for a long time and finally got brave enough to slip into a school. The kids laughed, poked pencils through me and sang out, “Pukey Spooky” and “See-through Boohoo” until I had to speed away. So much for thinking those about my age would accept me.

My habit for years since I lost my family has been to pick out a car or truck in a parking lot, driveway or even going down the road and slip into the back. I like somebody taking me somewhere more than wafting around by myself. I’d gotten bored with going driveway to a parking lot and back. No fun. So, I tried to pick out a different style vehicle.

“There!” I liked this stretched out, shiny car and without a thought popped right into the back. I swirled around the big, long box in the back. It had handles and seemed fancier than the cardboard boxes I’d travelled with before. I was tempted to stick my head inside and see what it contained, but the car pulled into a strange place with lots of stones with writing on them. That grabbed my attention alright!

They stopped and opened up the back door. They took the box out and I followed with lots of curiosity. There were many people that watched the box get put into a deep hole!”

“I haven’t seen you here before, child.”

The spook stood next to me and being startled, I zipped up into a tree.

“Come on down, I won’t hurt you. I’m Dargano and I can help you.”

Bobo flitted down beside Dargano. “You’re just a spook like me. Can you help me find a place to belong?”

Dargano smiled. “We are spirits, sometimes called ghosts. Spook is a mean thing to call us. And yes, I know how to get you back into a loving family.”

“Really? How, please, tell me how!” I felt more thrilled than I could ever remember.

Dargano led me into a nearby building. I thought it was a school at first and cringed up close to my new friend.

“This is a church. The thing you need to do is call on an angel. Ask the angel to place you into a new family because you were such a small child when you died. I believe she’ll do that for you since I feel you are a nice and gentle spirit.

Bobo went to the ‘altar’ and asked for an angel. One came soon.

“I am Gisella, your Guardian Angel. I am the one who led you to the hearse to come here; Dargano works with us to locate the lost ones like you.” She grasped his hand.

Bobo turned and grinned at Dargano who waved back. “Thanks friend!” Then he went away with his angel.