Which Witch Can Cure My Itch?

Aldor pondered his mental itch with worry; he needed it scratched in a great hurry. “I want to do sly conjuring like any other warlock. But my brain feels like a store completely out of stock. I need a witch to assist with some spelling issues; right now, they’re giving me the bluest of blues!”

He assembled his crew and ordered each to find an appropriate witch or two. Soon they came back with witches by the pack. He had his Aide go sort them to find the best specimen.

“Let’s begin! Bring her in!” His smile bent to a frown as he thrust his fist out thumb down. “Blonde curls and a floral skirt that whirls?” Where’d they get these girls?

“Next and make it better!” What he saw was a girl in a pink sweater. “Ugh! Pitch that witch!” He sat back in his chair after smoothing his hair. “Bring another one on! If she’s not right, I’m gone!” They’d resent it, but he meant it!

He bent down to peer, whispering, “What have we here?” He stood tall with fists on hips. “Look, she’s doped or asleep!” He stared at his Aide, “Your errors are getting steep! Twitch that witch and go!”

He considered leaving all this, all this ‘no hits and miss, miss, miss’. He began to rise, then she caught his eyes. “Oh wait! That one!” Ahhh, her pointy hat, her stout wand, her black cat! “Come hither, darling,” he coaxed while admiring her black dress and cloak that shined like a starling. She strode close to him with a mystical look. She stopped at his feet and reached into her robe to pull out: The Scariest ABC Spelling Book. She laid it on his lap and raised her hand with a finger snap. She stated, “Aldor, it’s up to you to read it and also to heed it. I’m finished!” She waved her wand and poof, she vanished!

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  1. asylum7830 says:

    Perfect story to get in the mood for Halloween! 🎃


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