Super Blue Red Missing Moon

In the morning (USA) get up early to see the Super Blue Red Missing Moon!

In the parts of Europa and Asia  and all that get to see it, most will see it in the afternoon or even the next day. Refer to true authorities on that business, see below.

Super:  That old moon is about as close to us as it gets these days, so it looks bigger

Blue:  Two full moons in one month makes the second one that Bill Monroe sings about

Red: That moon will turn red when it gets in the Earth’s shadow – spooky

Missing:  You guessed it, the moon hides behind the Earth to get out of the sun for a while, also known as the eclipse

Red Moon

The Earth and Sky Organization has a great site that explains in detail what it’s all about, when it will happen where you are and where the best places are to see it all.

Alas, I’m on the edge of the full disappearing act, but I will see it turn red and go into eclipse until the dawn blots it out. FAR better than nothing. Naturally, I must be at the cabin in the dark of the hinterland.

Blue Moon of Kentucky keep on shining…