About Time to Use It!

Verse One

The cabin is rather large; I designed it to have enough room for all I needed until I go up yonder. Thus, the room over the built-in 2 car garage is the Art Room and Library. I have been reading since I learned to walk but did not begin acrylic floorcloth painting until I got here and read an art book on that very subject. I ordered a roll of sturdy canvas and went to it! These pictures are of the first floorcloth I ever made.

Verse Two

The color in the print area isn’t as white as it once was, the floorcloth was rolled up and stashed in a corner for far too long.

Verse Three

Here’s the whole thing. I finally decided to actually use it and now it is a prominent part of the living room!

The Whole Thing! Very large and very dear to me.

Treasure Earth!

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  1. asylum7830 says:

    Love the elephant!


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