Stick Entities

Just a short note today, on Stick Chicken and Stick Gator. If one cannot draw worth a hoot, sometimes a stick effigy Cabin June 2015 066will get the point across.

I painted this when a great tumult occurred at the chicken plant I was working for and had the kaka hit the proverbial fan. Bells tolled and heads rolled! Soon it became clear I would be happier anywhere but there.



gator 001I drew this little guy as my mascot here where I currently work. I have him taped on my go-everywhere respond immediately bucket. Why a gator? This place has sneaky gators hiding all around and they love nothing better than to bite your butt just when you think things are going a little-bitty better than yesterday.

gator bucker 001Speaking of work, it’s about time to shove off and start my Cabin-acious weekend! The closer I get to the cabin, the more relaxed and free I feel. Still there is a small measure of worry that everything is okay until I get this marvellous Cabin Front from Driveview. Home! Weeds and all!