A Lone Creative in a Cabin?

I live in a forest cabin with no neighbors, no visitors, no family. Gee whiz! I gotta do something to keep relatively sane! So I use what I have to make things when the needed work is done. I buy the cloth to make all my skirts, dresses, jackets, even stuff animals. What about all the stuffed animals I’ve collected over the years? Why not!


I had a huge homemade snowman on the living room table until Spring came along, then wanted a warm-weather display. TaaDAA! BTW, the white bear with the eyepatch has it as he lost a beady eye. I could have replaced it, but the piratish look looks good next to the aviator.

I do have my Old Lady Who bookstore in the garage that I sell on the Abe Books site so need to head to the Post Office every week, but unless I’m working outside or on the cabin I have a strong desire for creating something. I write sci-fi and other books, sew, paint on canvas, make yoghurt and bread and more, design jewelry, bake with all the fruit I grow, and anything else I can imagine.

More stuff next time! Have a wonderful Spring!