Why did I post that egregiously egotistic thing about a Navy bigshot pinning a whoopee medal on me? Short answer: I wanted somebody to know something about me, what made me who I am.

I have lived here deep in a western Kentucky hardwood forest (I own 93 acres of it) for over 20 years alone. Early on, my older brother did come around, but it was to steal anything he could. He walked off with my building supplies, tools, food, paint supplies, insulation and broke in while I was in town working. I bought dwarf fruit trees to make a small arbor. He stole them and my gardening tools.

My Mama lived her last two years here 2015-2017 and regardless of the way she treated me as a child, I took her to explore foreign places, made her new clothes and cared for her all I could. The sister five years younger than me has not spoken to me since I lived in San Diego and came to South Carolina to visit her and Mama about 30 years ago. My other sister ten years younger does email me a few times a year and helped me set up a storefront that never sold one item. She hits the β€˜like’ button on my posts. They both live in Pennsylvania.

I have no neighbors within a mile. A logger with EPA credentials came by every few weeks early on to do practical and concise logging to help the forest and continued for a while as I worked in a city tobacco processing plant where I could bring home bags of loose-leaf tobacco for him. He sometimes brought his wife and they helped my do things around the cabin. When I got a new manager at that job that hated me and harassed me to nearly ashes and then fired me, no more free tobacco, the logger and wife quit coming.

I wrote many stories, some posted on this site. I wrote science fiction books, a bat book, short story books, historic fiction books and none ever sold, not one. I do surrender my beloved decades long book collection on ABE Books as Old Lady Who and do sell a bare few. I live off the retirement fund from the place that fired me. I work diligently on keeping the cabin up, doing all I can with lots of tools and a very tall ladder, alas without any help.

Now the only humans I physically see are at the Post Office and grocery, occasionally the hardware store. I am an introvert but still wish there were some I could talk to as friends. None. I get very depressed at holidays (such as those hurdling my way now) as no family comes around and there is no reason to cook anything special or decorate. Nobody in this area, the little towns north, east, west or south, know me for who I am or ever visit. I get a truck delivery of something I ordered every blue moon, that’s it. I really miss working at my city jobs where I could bring in cookies and cupcakes for sharing and fun but nobody here wants to hire anyone in their 60’s, especially a woman.

I just wanted somebody to have an idea of who I am. I apologize for the poor editing of that Vets post. I did correct it. Please do not leave this blog. I promise not to do anything like that or this long letter again. I will post nature pictures and some of the things I have painted or otherwise made as before. Positive comments brighten my day.

If anyone did read this far, thank you greatly, I appreciate it.