Kids and Cars

“Wait a minute! You’re going too fast!” Kate followed Darlene down a path she had not seen before. She stretched her neck and stubby legs as far as she could. Concentrating on speed, the descent into the ditch surprised her. She slowed on the wet rocks when she Turtle 007saw where they were headed.

She’d avoided this edge of the woods because of the awful whooshing noises. Her Uncle Harold had been smashed flat, an ugly, gruesome mess his shell could not prevent. Her neck retracted some with that awful remembrance. “Darlene, Mama said to stay away from the road. Terrible things happen here.”

Her friend kept on walking around a curve in the ditch. “It’s okay, silly. Look! The great big super-noisy machines that were here just before the last big rainstorm did this.”

The ditch now went under the road! They walked through the smooth-rock tube and came out the other side as safe as could be. Climbing up the ditch, she looked around at this side of the woods. Then she looked at the dreaded road. Oh no!

“Darlene, over there! That’s Daddy at the side of the road!” Her Dad was going to cross the road to find her! The path back was too long, how could she show him a safe way across?

Her Dad started across the road, his neck stretched out very far.

Kate went to her side of the road and a big noisy car rushed by. She panicked, then withdrew her head to see her Dad was okay, his head slowly emerging from his own shell. He resumed trudging deliberately across the road.

Another big noisy came, very loud Turtle 008and slow. Kate trembled as it crept toward her Dad. The big green noisy stopped very close to him. A two-legged animal, a human, got out and picked up her Dad. The human set her Dad down on Kate’s side and went away.

His head raised very high when he saw her. “Kate, I told you not to cross the road!”

“Dad! Let me show you the safe way across!”




Love A Tree Day!

Tree HuggerThe very first time I travelled from faraway San Diego to the remote reaches of a Western Kentucky forest, I fell swoopy-doopy in love. The Realtor I’d visited was in Elizabethtown. I wanted to build a cabin in the woods. Nada, nothing available, all the woods being sectioned up and bulldozed for subdivisions, sadness. The hour I was to leave the motel for the airport, she called and breathlessly rushed to say she’d just had a miracle pop up on her screen.

I sped over and met her at the door. She told me a 100 acre forested lot just came up on the wire, not even formally listed yet. And they only wanted $35,000 for it! She got a somber look and added that it was almost a hundred miles west.

We went and we poked around a little in the pouring rain. Gee, I wasn’t sure…We went back to the Realtor’s house and she let me stay there.

I called home and said I’d be away for one additional day, then remembered to change the flight due to family emergency. Sort of… The next morning I drove back out and everything seemed different, me and the trees in cosmic communion. The wonderfully sunny day was rather far along before I’d stopped wandering the deer paths, swooning in awe of the cacophony of birdsong and ogling the brilliant wildflowers. Before I got back in the car, felt the strangest, I couldn’t believe I was doing it compulsion. I hugged a big ‘ol tree. Tight.

I got back to the Realtor’s and picked up my plunder so I could return to the airport in Louisville. I had to talk a 35 grand commitment over with Bob, we had to look over the finances, we had to see if this could integrate into our plans, I had to convince him with a thousand pictures. I drove away. About 100 feet.

I ran back crying and signed the papers.

I have NEVER regretted it.

It’s Love A Tree Day, and as ABBA sang, “I do, I do, Id, I do, I do!”

Holy cow, just writing this has me in tears.


Bear With Me?

This notice showed up in my email:

You are subscribed to Fish and Wildlife for This information has recently been updated, and is now available.

Keep the Wild in Wildlife

04/27/2018 09:53 AM EDT

Warmer temperatures mean bear activity is on the rise in Kentucky. Complaints about bears raiding garbage are on the rise as well.

Critters 009
Do you think he sees a bear?


Leafy vs not
Is that a bear on the far right side?

There are no bears here that I know of, but the bulldozers scraping every living thing off the ground for quick cash , leaving it thereafter for weeds, are getting nearer every day. That’s why I have so many coyotes and bobcats and no more chipmunks or rabbits…or outside cats. Maybe a bear or two would scare the big yellow monsters away, or maybe I could make endangered or sensitive habitat claims?  100 acres isn’t really that large a tract for sizeable predators, but it might be worth a shot. Bad metaphor? No bag-bang.

I wouldn’t mind having Smoky Bear ( officially NOT Smoky the Bear) and family around to emphasize we need to keep some real WOODLANDS alive. Go Cubs!Bear sad
















An Easter Thought

Cabin creek rippleTo me, a creek symbolizes a powerful force that can be beautiful and life-giving but can also cleanse the landscape in a flood. This water is precious to the life of the woodland flora and fauna, the flowers and the fawns. The rippling sound warms my weary heart. The water can dry up, leaving the woodland parched and sad. Then it returns in glory. What better way to commemorate the Resurrection?

Cabin creekside

Phil Was Wrong, Right?

I have a fervent hope that Puxatawney (sp?) Phil was wrong this year! A spiffily dressed gentleman holding the poor creature high somehow inferred 6 more weeks of winter. But I have peach trees and plums blooming! No hard freezes, please…pretty please?

The first harbinger of Spring has been in bloom all week everywhere I look around the cabin, and how beautiful they are. There are several spots were the flowers cover square yards of ground. I rather like this brightening of the drab woodland, myself. The Wild Branch is still up – rain, rain, rain. Better than snow, snow, snow like some of you poor souls are getting.

Woods Water Narcs


How Chickens Got to Hawaii

I get the Science Today feed for the headlines and a brief summary of the latest findings. This one caught my eye a while back:


That immediately brought to mind a painting I did a few years ago. It’s just a hobby but I enjoy making things. Wow, seeing this story about the very thing I’d imagined! It doesn’t matter to me that it’s silly and amateur…it was fun to do!

It’s on a huge canvas and I’d love to say it looks better in person…but maybe not. The textures come out better, anyway. The water looks more dramatic.

Cabin June 2015 068I have another painting I started a few months ago and abandoned when the weather started getting cooler and when I got a few bundles of beautiful new cloth to sew. I decided on making thermally superior long johns instead of painting, go figure. BTW,040 they’ve been so phenomenal that I am eyeing the materials to make more (sew I can wash this set more often)…

It’s another featuring my beloved stick-chicken type character. I have gobs of vacation to use – if the paint isn’t frozen (the room I paint in is over the unheated garage) I may give this masterpiece (HA!) a chance once more. Finish it? No promises.

Frost Was Spotted…

Frost SpottedMorning Weather Report: “A heavy frost was spotted in most areas of the city.”

Sorry, I couldn’t resist a little silliness.  Have a fine, overstuffed Thanksgiving!

Oh no! I see spots! The uniformity is uncanny – could they be UFO Crop-Spots? Can we decipher the arcane script? Anyone got a Geiger counter in his or her pocket? We need to find whether there is a deviant gamma ray among these strange glyphs. Note the varied streaking…often an insidious sign but sometimes a mere vortex skew. Call Foo News, we’re onto something!

Ah, good, the aura photographer is finally getting here. With donut holes and Chai! Careful, don’t slip. Would you take a nose-full of that tea: Nirvana. No, it’s that Thai one-upmanship blend. Okay, I’ll hold yours; you’re right about that sun getting ever higher, so snap those pics while you can. Yes, I’m feeling a bit lightheaded, too. Are we not titillated!

A blinding light in the sky that follows no straight vector! Oh chagrin, it’s the Foo News ‘copter. About time…

Cozy Up With A Book Weather

Tree Against StormOh yes, isn’t is getting cold in the evenings! I’ve had to dig around for my sweaters, coats and long johns and all…cheapskate that I am, I keep the thermostat at 50 degrees F and pile on the warmth. That’s better than 40 degrees like I did 2006 though 2014. Getting soft? The cats seem to like me much better now.

I got an armload of fake fur and thick fleece to make toasty stuff with, and I committed to brings several kinds of cookies to the holiday potluck at work next week. Should I make the Irish Stout next or the Hard Cider? When I’m not sewing or painting or baking or brewing or reading, I could be writing. Here’s the 3rd in the series. They cost a lot less than dry roasted peanuts; why not give them a try?

Frog Flag Woods very Close