Cabin June 2015 062I was born and raised in Kentucky. After slogging through a year of college, I signed up for eight years in the US Navy as a nuclear machinist and got to sail the vast Pacific. From camping in the Canadian wilderness to blundering into an anti-American rally in the Middle East, I can’t stop exploring the Earth – the wildlife, the natural and man-made edifices and the fascinating array of cultures.

Sweden Marstrand Fortess
Martstrand Fortress, Sweden
Dutch Fries!
Dutch Fries!

When not travelling, I brew my own ale, tend my orchard (haphazardly), paint canvasses, keep a little ceramics studio, bake my own whole wheat bread, sew Ma’s church clothes and generally continue my education at my log cabin in a marvelous blog june 040hardwood forest.

Oh yeah, I have a strange compulsion to put characters who have done no harm to me through arduous trials and quite risky endeavors. I figure since I put them into stories set about 100 years from now, I’ll be long gone before they can hunt me down me for torturing them.

Cabin June 2015 054

NOLA Vacation 023Download 090915 046

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    1. Hey! I went to WKU, Bowling Green is a great little city. Now I work in Daviess County and the cabin is in between. Distances aren’t all that far in this end of the state. Kentucky is the finest state and the one I am alway grateful to return to after travels.

  1. I really like your blog! Is there anyway I can contact you about possible review titles. Please email me kenya(dot)walker@us(dot)penguingroup(dot)com

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