Winter Wishes

Sweden Bohus tower

My first Winter Wish is that I can leave work while the sun still shines and make it 70 miles across the snow-covered ice without a dire incident. I have a sweet Subaru Forester with all wheel drive, but a wheel on ice will simply spin. Four wheels AWD on ice will also spin. I wore long johns under my work clothes today in case I need to stop and help someone…or get myself out of a jam. Here in Western Kentucky we don’t have these conditions all that frequently do most of us don’t have specialty snow tires or old-fashioned chains. I’ll get to my castle in the woods even if I gotta hitchhike.

Another Winter Wish is that my short story ‘Three Fingers’ wins. I entered the Women on Writing contest and was just notified I’m a finalist! WOW! Ah, that’s their logo, WOW! I won’t know more for a couple weeks, so fingers crossed – but not while on the steering wheel!

My last Winter Wish, for now, is for all to get where we’re going safely and to stay warm. Winter is surely extreme this season. While I’m not cheered by the forecast of single digits this weekend, it’s nowhere near as bad as other poor souls have been burdened with.Β I have prayers on tap for all us winter travelers.

Let’s end with Winter cabin pictures!






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