Frost Was Spotted…

Frost SpottedMorning Weather Report: “A heavy frost was spotted in most areas of the city.”

Sorry, I couldn’t resist a little silliness.  Have a fine, overstuffed Thanksgiving!

Oh no! I see spots! The uniformity is uncanny – could they be UFO Crop-Spots? Can we decipher the arcane script? Anyone got a Geiger counter in his or her pocket? We need to find whether there is a deviant gamma ray among these strange glyphs. Note the varied streaking…often an insidious sign but sometimes a mere vortex skew. Call Foo News, we’re onto something!

Ah, good, the aura photographer is finally getting here. With donut holes and Chai! Careful, don’t slip. Would you take a nose-full of that tea: Nirvana. No, it’s that Thai one-upmanship blend. Okay, I’ll hold yours; you’re right about that sun getting ever higher, so snap those pics while you can. Yes, I’m feeling a bit lightheaded, too. Are we not titillated!

A blinding light in the sky that follows no straight vector! Oh chagrin, it’s the Foo News ‘copter. About time…

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