Spider Barrage!

Spiders 012As I went through some photographs on my terribly overloaded computer, I saw these about the windborne spider invasion a while back. I was here rather late and the night shift guy ran in and said it was snowing spiders!

Oh no! Invading Spiders From Mars! Indeed, the tiny spiders came in great drifts; had they been from Mars we’d have been Spiders 016goners!



Spiders 011





This picture should show the drifters, but I doubt the resolution. Alas!



Of course if you want to see a REAL spider threat, come to the cabin and meet Harvey!

HarveyCabin spider 2



  1. Vanessa says:

    I remember that day! They were all over our cars! Just thinking of the sight in the parking lot that day, I feel a nagging crawl all over my skin. GROSS!


    1. I’m a spider maniac, so I loved it!


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